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Caring for Those with Memory Loss

Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia can be devastating conditions. Patients lose their abilities to remember family, friends, faces, and even their own personal information. They require round-the-clock care to ensure they don’t injure themselves or others, and to stay as comfortable and as busy – mentally and physically – as they can.

At the Secure Memory Care Unit at Lutheran Community Home, we offer compassionate, complete forms of assistance for older adults and patients suffering from both dementia and Alzheimer’s. We enable residents to stay active and maintain their independence as much as possible, while benefiting from the attention provided by staff; specifically-trained in these forms of care.

By keeping our senior patients and residents mentally and physically engaged, we can improve motor skills, cognitive functions, and overall mental disposition. Our residents suffering from either of these debilitating diseases are happier, healthier, and lead fuller lives than if left on their own without the personalized attention and care they need.

Other benefits of our treatments include:

  • Activity programs specifically tailored to our residents with memory impairment
  • An enclosed courtyard that allows residents to be outdoors while remaining in a secure, supervised environment
  • Peace of mind knowing your loved-one is receiving excellent care

For more information about any of the services offered at our nursing facilities, or to inquire about residence with us, please don’t hesitate to contact Lutheran Community Home at 812-522-5927.

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